August 18, 2004

Getting back at me

I took my wife to the psychiatrist today. I drove her there, watched our daughter, and then drove her back. I went to work late, and after barely putting in 8 hours of work, I left the office around 11:30 at night.

As I was leaving work, my wife called. She insisted that I hurry home to help her re-organize the laundry room. I can always tell when she gets into one of her really bad manic periods because she starts re-arranging all the rooms in the house. I told her that I had a long day, and that I wasn't interested in staying up with her all night to re-arrange the laundry room.

When I got home, I discovered my punishment for not giving her what she wanted... All of the recipes that I had inhertited from my mother when she passed away a year ago were scattered all over the floor and my daughter and dog were running all over them.

There are very few things that I have of my mother's to remember her by. It would seem that this is just another way my wife has of telling me that when it comes to satisfying her own feelings, she holds nothing sacred.

Needless to say, I'm a little disappointed in the whole situation right now.

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August 14, 2004


Went shopping with my wife tonight. We spent way more money than we had to. Many bad shopping decisions were made. Every time I opened my mouth to suggest something, I was cut off within two to three words. Every time my wife would stop me with some kind of mean comment. Basically, she was letting me know that she wasn't going to even listen to any attempt to stop her from buying whatever it was that she wanted.

As we were in the car driving home I let slip out a "I wish you would just listen to me". The response was "How can I listen to you when you don't say anything?" In truth, I think that she sincerely doesn't even remember any of the times I tried to get her to listen. I think that sometimes she has her mind so focused on whatever it is that she wants at the moment that all reality and sound judgement take a second seat to her getting what she wants.

Sometimes I just get so angry because I have to just stand back and watch her destroy us finanically, knowing there is nothing I can do about it.

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