January 23, 2005

Mommy not love you.

My wife was very agitated today when I tried to get her out of bed around one o'clock in the afternoon. My daughter was there, so I asked my daughter,

"Mommy is very cranky, isn't she?"


"Why is Mommy cranky?"


"Because why"

"Because Mommy not love you"

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Sometimes, not playing the game is a loosing move also.

Yesterday, my wife was in a very agitated state. She spent all evening yelling at me and saying hurtful things to me.

Towards the evening, she wanted me to go out to a restaurant and get take-out for her. Half way through that conversation, the topic somehow shifted and she started telling me how much she couldn't stand me, and then she got up and stormed out of the room.

An hour or so later, after she had a chance to cool down, she hollered up the stairs to me "So are you going or not?". I answered "No". She asked "Why not", and I told her that she was hurtful and I didn't feel like going out for her. She asked how she was hurtful, and I responded by saying "I'm not going to argue with you".

That made her really angry. She loves to argue. She loves to take situations and twist them around on me. But by refusing to discuss the situation with her, I dis-empowered her from doing that.

Today, I discovered her retribution. I found my very expensive pair of ski pants had been cut up by her in the laundry room.

I asked her "You do realize those were $120 pants, right". Her response was "Well, maybe you should have been willing to talk to me last night".

It is clear that my wife is in a lot of pain. I believe that the only way she knows how to cope with that pain is to cause pain for those that are closest to her. There is absolutely nothing I can do to stop her from doing that. Staying clear of her isn't even going to work. She'll just bring the pain to me.

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January 22, 2005

Letting the dog run.

Yesterday, my wife and I took our daughter to a birthday part for one of her schoolmates. My daughter was very excited about leaving and we were running a bit late. I told my daughter to wait in the house while I went out to start the car. My wife was still getting ready to go.

My daughter, being three years old, and very excited about leaving, did not wait in the house. Instead she opened the front door and started to come out. Unfortunately, we have a very poorly behaved dog, that likes to get out and run away. When he saw my daughter opening the door, he seized the opportunity and took off.

My wife was very upset because my daughter should not have been opening the door. My wife started to yell at my daughter, my daughter became scared and ran outside into the four inches of snow wearing just her dress for the party and shoes. Next my wife screamed at my daughter for the entire neighborhood to hear "well fuck you!". Then she slamed the storm door shut and locked it from the inside.

My daughter and I were locked out of the house. Fortunately, it wasn't a big deal because I just put her in the car and started it up. Then we sat outside and waited patiently in the running car for my wife to get ready to leave. She eventually came out, and we left for the party.

Later in the evening, when we got back home, one of the neighbors brought our dog back to us. Our dog has become pretty popular in the neighborhood and any time he gets out, everybody knows who he belongs to.

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