June 19, 2005

Mom is a crank.

I had a discussion with my three-year old daughter today. Initially, my wife had promised her that we would all go fishing today. My daughter was very excited about this. But today, my wife would not get out of bed.

I told my daughter that "Mommy is being a crank today". My daughter responded "Yeah". I asked her why she thought that was, she responded "Maybe because she is mean". I asked her why she thought her mom was mean. She responded "Because she don't love you and me."

I tried to tell my daughter that wasn't true. But it is really hard to convince somebody of something that you don't believe.

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June 10, 2005

I just don't know what to do.

I am so tired of constantly being undermined by my wife when it comes to raising my daughter. Every time I try to put my foot down on an issue and try to instill some good character into my daughter, my daughter puts on a crying act and my wife immediately caves in and gives her whatever she wants.

I just spent two hours trying to get my daughter to go to bed. My wife came upstairs at 1:00 in the morning and within three minutes every light was on in the house and my wife and daughter are playing a game.

Some times I think my wife's reality is so screwed up, that she is actually afraid of loosing my three year old's love if she doesn't do everything that child wants. Then again, sometimes I wonder if at some sub-concious level, my wife is training my daughter to be dependent on her for everything (just the way my wife is dependent on her family).

Either way, I just want to scream "What the hell is the matter with you? Can't you see what an aweful parent you are being? How the hell do you think this kid is going to get by in the world if you teach her this way?" Unfortunately, it would only do more harm for me to say that. My wife just does not have the mental capacity to understand why what she is doing is wrong.

It just makes me sooo angry inside to know that no matter what I do, I'm never going to have my spouse be on my side. It is as if I am racing for the finish line while my running partner hanging on to my ankles trying to pull me back. I want so much for my daughter to grow up into the wonderful person she has inside her. But sometimes I think that just isn't going to be possible so long as her mother refuses to cut the cord.

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