May 18, 2006

She wants me to die.

"Why don't you just fucking go to work. You know I don't love you. I can't fucking stand you. I hope you die in a car accident. Then I can collect the insurance money. That's all your're good for. Just send me the check. No, better yet, I hope you die of pneumonia. In a car accident you'd just die right away. Oh, or maybe you can get into an accident and be a dummy. That way I can divorce you. I'm not going to stay married to a dummy. Though I suppose I could stay married to you and just collect the insurance."

This is what my wife told me today as I was getting ready for work. She said it right in front of my four-year old daughter. After being married to my wife this long, I've grown a pretty thick skin to just about everything she throws at me. But sometimes, like today, she manages to get a jab in where I just can't pretend it doesn't hurt.

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