March 10, 2007

Car Inspection

Just yesterday, when were picking up my wife's car from the auto body shop, the mechanic said "You know, your car's inspection is expired." Sure enough, it has been expired since December.

So, this morning, I stayed home from work to get it inspected. I had to be at work by the afternoon for an important meeting. Unfortunately, the soonest I could get it in anywhere would be tomorrow. My wife exploded when I told her: "But I'm going to my parents house TONIGHT!"

So, to keep the peace, I told her she could take my car to her parents and I'd drive her's to work today. Her response: "Well, you have to go get me money from the bank for this weekend. And make sure you take all of your crap out of that car." She would not tell me why she needed the money. So, I drove to the bank and got some money for her. Still getting later and later arriving for work.

After coming home, I cleaned out the back of my car a bit. I went inside and gave my daughter a hug and told her to have a good time at her grandparent's. Then I went upstairs and said bye to my wife, who was getting ready to leave. I went over to give her a hug, but she wouldn't even talk to me. So I just said bye and left.

As I was driving to work, I received several phone calls:

Me: "Hello"

Her: "Did you move my CDs over to the other car"

Me: "No, you didn't tell me to"

Her: "WHY NOT? I can't drive without my CDs"

Me: "Yes you can"

Her: "You have to turn around and bring me those CDs"

Me: "I can't, I need to get to work"

Her: "You're such a jerk."


A few minutes later, another call:

Me: "Yes?"

Her: "I need you to turn around and bring me those CDs"

Me: "I really can't. This is just rediculous. You can live without
the CDs for one drive"

Her: "No I can't. I need to have my CDs. Turn around"

Me: "You can listen to the CDs in my car"

Her: "Your music is junk"

Me: "No some of your junk is in there too"

Her: "My music isn't junk. Besides I took all of my music out of your car."

Me: "No you didn't, I was listening to it last night."

Her: "Well, I don't listen to that any more. I have to have my Rascall
Flatts CD"

Me: "Listen, I'm not going to turn around just to bring you some CDs for
your drive up to your parents."

Her: "I hate you, you're an asshole"


And a few minutes later:

Me: "Hello?"

Her: "Where's the money for me?"

Me: "I left it in the car for you"


Me: "You're welcome"

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March 08, 2007

"It has a happy ending"

Today, I came downstairs and found my wife watching a movie. In the movie, there was an abusive man that took his daughter's puppy, put it in a pillowcase, and threw it off a bridge while the daughter, about 10 years old, watched crying.

I asked my wife "Please turn this off". She said "no, I'm watching it.". I pleaded with her "these movies aren't any good, they just lead to bad thoughts and emotions". She said "No they don't, you're such an idiot. Besides, it has a happy ending".

In the end, the man was hated and forced to leave town. The daughter and mother were admitted to a treatment center where they got better and then lived happily ever after.

I watch my wife viewing movies like that, and I just can't help but think she is fantasizing about her own life. I feel like that is how she views me, and I believe that is what she wants to have happen. If she can convince enough people that I'm a bad man, then I'll be forced out, and people will just take care of her.

That's the happy ending my wife is looking for. The one where I'm turned into a villain, separated from my daughter, and my wife gets a free ride.

The problem is, I'm not a villain, and I don't throw puppies off of bridges in pillowcases. If anything, it is the other way around. When we are at home, with just the three of us, I see my wife letting her anger out a little more every day. I don't even think she knows what she is doing. She curses freely in front of my daughter. Sometimes even curses at my daughter with any words she feels like using. She hits. And she looses her temper over the tiniest things. But that's only when we're alone.

In public, she's completely different. My wife is a master at being a victim. I swear, I could buy a dozen roses for my wife, and my wife would be able to get the cashier to feel sorry for her because I didn't get two.

All in all, I feel trapped. I'm scared. Things are out of control and heading in a bad direction. I'm afraid to call in help. I don't think they are going to believe me. I think it will only make things worse.

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