June 16, 2007

Yard Work

The gas weed eater is broken. I'm using the electric one today. Meanwhile my daughter is in the yard, standing on top of the extension cord, playing with the garden hose.

As soon as I saw what she was doing I told her to stop. Then my daughter yelled at me "No, my mommy said I could" and then she squirted the ground with the water. I yelled back "I said stop" and started running towards her.

My daughter threw the hose down, and ran inside the house, and locked the doors. When I got to the house, I banged on the doors, but my daughter just stood on the other side of the door laughing at me.

I went around to the front of the house, where my wife let me in the front door. It's 3:30 in the afternoon, and my wife is still in her pajama's. She's been sitting on the couch watching TV all day. She yells at me "I told her she could play with the hose." I yell back "She's running around in her bare feet over top of a live extension cord squiring water". My daughter runs upstairs and hides in her bedroom.

I follow her upstairs, go in my daughter's room and tell her to go back downstairs, "we need to talk". She starts walking downstairs and my wife comes running up the stairs and takes my daughter into the master bedroom. My wife tells my daughter "don't listen to him" then yells at me right in front of my daughter "Why don't you just go fuck yourself, asshole" and then tries to slam the bedroom door in my face. I catch the door instead and walk in.

I tell my daughter go downstairs. My wife yells "No!'. I say to my wife "She locked the doors on me." My wife laughs, "yeah, I know. So what?" I tell my wife "That's not ok." My wife says "Oh, big deal, so you got locked out of the house." I tell my wife "This isn't the kind of behavior that should be encouraged". By this time my wife is cuddling my daughter on the bed and says "whatever."

I tell my daughter "I'm very disappointed in you" and walk out of the bed room, defeated. Once again, my daughter has learned that she can get out of anything by pitting her parents against each other.

I have nightmares of shouting "Hurry get off the street" and my daughter yelling "No, I don't want to" right before getting hit by a car.

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