January 22, 2008

New Glasses

My wife doesn't have any credit cards. But she does have a special MasterCard that can be used for Medical related expenses only. It debits out of a special medical savings plan.

Last week, my wife spent $500 on eye exams and brand new glasses. After having the glasses for one weekend, she decided she didn't like them any more. Even though I told her that store had a policy where you could return them if you didn't like them, she ignored me. And, while I was at work today, she went to a different store and spent another $200 on other glasses.

Now, most of the medical savings plan has been used up, and I have absolutely no idea at all how I'm going to pay for her meds when we get close to the end of this year.

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January 07, 2008

It's not me, it's you.

Today was a nice day. I had the day off. The weather outside was beautiful, and I got to spend some time with my wife. I drove her to an eye doctor's appointment today, and several times, we had a nice opportunity to just talk. It was one of those rare "normal moments" that I live for. The time when we can just be husband and wife together.

Well, that changed on the way home. Some time during the drive home, my wife had brought up the subject of counseling. And I tried ever so gently to suggest that she might benefit from going back to counseling. I also suggested that she'd do well by talking to somebody that specialized in bipolar disorder. And at that very moment, my wife was mystically replaced with a completely different person...

"Listen, I'm going to tell you this, and you aren't going to like it, but here it is. I keep telling you this, but you don't seem to understand it. The reason I am this way, it's because of you. You don't seem to get it. I'm just not happy being with you. One of these days, I just need to make the decision to leave you, then I'll be happy".

After that, there was no more talking the rest of the way home.

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January 03, 2008

Phone Call at Work

I got a phone call at work today from my wife while I was at work. It started out with a normal question, "where are you?" I told her I was at work. She asked "why does it sound so hollow there?" I told her I didn't know what she meant by that. She said "Hold up the phone so I can hear the background noise." I did as she asked. After a few moment, I asked "Is there anything else?" She asked "Why can't I hear people typing?" I told her I really didn't know.

Next, she started asking me about some vitamins that the doctor suggested for her. I explained to her (again) that the place we ordered them from got the order screwed up and that we would have to wait. I've been explaining this to her about every other day for a while now.

As usual, she went on and on about how she absolutely had those vitamins and that it was going to make her sick not having them. She went on with her usual routine of blaming me for the problem as if there was something I could be doing that I wasn't and that it would be my fault if something happened to her. I apologized once again to her and explained that there wasn't much I could do about it.

Then I asked if there was anything else she needed. She replied "Well there is, but I don't want to talk about it." When my wife tells me that there's something going on but she doesn't want to talk about it, what she really means is that there is something that she wants to talk about at great length, but wants to pretend as if I'm drawing it out of her.

So, I said "Well, ok.. I'm going to go then." she replied "Oh, I'm so mad right now." I asked, "Ok, what's this about?" she replied "A dream I had.". I suggested, "well if you don't want to talk about it right now, maybe you should write it down." She responded "No, I can't write this down! It's too horrible." I told her "Well, remember, it's just a dream." She yelled at me "No, this is real!"

So, I went ahead and gave her the response she was wanting me to give, "Well, maybe you should tell me about it."

"I dreamed you were in a whore house having sex with people you didn't even know! You have been doing that, haven't you? I don't want you touching me ever again. You have AIDS!"

I answered her, "No, I've never done that." "I don't believe you," she replied. "I dreamed you've been having an affair with some blonde chick. She threw a knife in my back." I told her "I'm sorry but, that has never happened." "You're having an affair aren't you?" she asked. "You have a girl under your desk right now giving you a blow job, don't you? I'll shoot you!". "No, I'm not having an affair," I answered. "I mean, it's fine with me if you're having an affair.", she went on. "She can have you, but I'm affraid you'll hurt our daughter." I answered "Well, I'm not, it was just a dream." "No, this was way to real to be a dream. This was real!".

This was serious to her. She really believed it. But it was so out of the blue and preposterous that it took me totally by surprise. I tried hard to supress it, but I could help but giggle a little bit as I was talking to her. It seemed almost like a joke. Like any minute she would reveal that she was just kidding. But she wasn't kidding. She believed every word about it, including the girl under my desk giving me a blow job, which is why nobody was typing (I guess they were all watching or something).

"This is not funny!" she yelled. "No, I know it isn't, but it was just a dream. I'm not sure how I can help you with this." She responded "I want a divorce and I want full custody! You have AIDS and I don't want you hurting our daughter."

After that, she hung up the phone.

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January 01, 2008

No gravy.

It has been a long holiday. I'm very glad to see it over. This hasn't been a very merry Christmas, I'm afraid. It has been a season of anger and frustration. Even the Christmas tree itself has been knocked over (on purpose), thrown at, and re-decorated by my wife more times than I can count.

Today, my wife arrived back home from a trip to her parents house. I believe this is the third or fourth time she has been up there in the past two weeks. When she got home tonight, I tried to get her to do something. She asked me "where do you want to go?". I explained that I didn't want to go anywhere. I asked why we couldn't just do something together without spending money. Couldn't we play a game, or talk, or just do something around the house?

My wife was very angry with me over that. She said she wanted to go upstairs for a rest. This was around 5:00 pm. I went upstairs to see her around 7:00, and she was sound asleep. I woke her up because I wasn't sure if she wanted to sleep that long, and she was very mad at me. I said "well, you said you just wanted to take a little rest", she screamed back at me "I lied. Now leave me alone!". So, I closed the door and went back downstairs to watch a movie with my daughter.

Around 8:30, my wife came down and told me she wanted to order out for food. I agreed. And so, my wife called and ordered food for me to pick up. She ordered a pot roast sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy over everything. Unfortunately, they forgot to include the gravy. So, when I got home and we discovered this, my wife got very angry and started shouting at me. I tried to get her to call the restaurant and yell at them instead of me. Instead she called them and was sweet as could be. The told her to come back and they would give her gravy.

As soon as she was off the phone, she was back in angry mode, yelling at me. Telling me to hurry up and get the gravy. She told me I was a "lazy worthless piece of shit". And, just as I was walking out the door to drive back for her food, she took the container holding my food and threw it out the back door all over the back lawn. She yelled "It's your money down the drain, not mine. I'm not going to be here very much longer."

And so, I went and got the gravy for my wife, and headed upstairs. She's in one of those moods where the absolute worst thing I can do is be anwhere near her, because if I am, she's going to take all of the anger that's insider her and pile it up on me. That's how she makes herself feel better.

In a little bit, I have no doubt that she'll go back to bed. Then maybe I'll go down and find a chocolate bar to eat. That's how I make myself feel better, especially after not having any dinner. No doubt later, I'll hear from my wife about how I don't eat right. After all, I am a Fat, Ugly Looser.

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