April 21, 2008

I want to be able to talk to my wife.

I had a really rotten weekend. I was away doing some volunteer work, and everything that could have worked against me, did. It wasn't just the situations that were working against me. There were a few people, whom I had previously trusted, that turned out to be doing some really rotten stuff to me behind my back.

I came home exhausted, and really miserable. When I got home, my wife was there moaning about not feeling good. So, I did my best to make her feel better and to take care of my daughter.

Later that night, I tried to share my weekend with her. All she did was get nasty with me and snap at me. She didn't want to hear anything. So, I got up and walked away. I was upset that she wouldn't listen to me. As I was walking away, she yelled at me, "I know what you were going to say. That's all you ever think about." She believed I was there to ask her for sex.

I want so bad to have somebody that will listen to me. Somebody that will want to wait on me just as much as I want to wait on them. I want my wife to love me. But, she can't. She doesn't have the capacity to think about other people that way. The only thing that she knows is how to hurt and how to be hurt.

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